The new W178 generation Mercedes-AMG A45 brings with it more than just new styling. The biggest change is that the world's most powerful production four-cylinder motor is now the M139 at 416 horsepower taking the crown the AMG M133 use to hold.

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It goes without saying a production four-cylinder motor producing over 200 horsepower per liter is amazing.

The previous generation W177 with the M133 is compared to the M178 with the M139 here by Carwow. They go over the engine sound and the new traction control modes such as the drift mode.

BenzBoost wants to see which one is faster. Carwow actually uses a Vbox and gets meaningful data but only for 0-60 mph. The new A45 manges 0-60 in 3.9 seconds. It is almost a full second quicker than the outgoing model. That is a huge improvement.

We do not get a good roll race unfortunately. All we see is the new car at speed on the highway pull away a bit from the old one but no real good comparison with data or side by side start.

The new A45 AMG S is clearly a big step up and the M139 is impressive but hopefully we will get some quality 1/4 mile and dyno data on the new motor soon.