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    Selling my e92 M3 6sp

    Sure most of you are somewhat familiar with the e92. 4.0 High reving v8 8600 redline, very distinctive sound. Some basics about the car. Honestly its the most balanced and fun car Ive ever owned. This car is a 6sp and has the electronic suspension control which works surprisingly well. 3 Stages of traction control.
    There are a handful of issues that potential plagued the e92 s65 engines/cars. The three most common issues with these cars is potential rod bearing issues, independent throttle actuator failure, carbon fiber roof delaminating. If you dig around you will find some people have had issues with some of these. The biggest concern would be the rod bearing issue or potential issue. There really is only one real fix. Replace them with BE Bearings. This car had them replaced by a shop in nashville that does more bearing replacements on s65 and s85(v10 version) that anyone else in the country. Second item would be the individual throttle actuators. They have a silly plastic gear in them that wears over time. Ive replaced both of them as well. Last issue that I see from time to time is delaminating of the carbon fiber roof. The roof is real carbon and Ive seen where cars that are in hot climates or sit outside a lot can start to delaminate. I didnt have that issue but like a dumbass I was washing the car one day and noticed a bird $#@! spot on the roof and mistakenly used the pressure washer to clean it and when I did it popped a section of clear. So I had the entire clear on the roof removed and redone. Basically any of the real known issues with these Ive replaced.
    List of other items I can think off of the top of my head.

    450hpish, custom tune
    99,xxx miles
    Intake filter
    ECS ram air intake
    Rod bearing replacement
    engine mount replacement
    Front carbon fiber kidney grills
    Carbon fiber side mirrors
    Carbon fiber trunk spoiler lip
    Carbon fiber rear valance
    lowered about an inch all the way around
    New upper arm street control busings (made a crazy difference on turn in)
    New rear end street bushings.
    Plasti dip satin black factory rims
    Currently has continental extreme contact tires but if it was me id go back to michelin pilot super sports
    Eisenman race exhaust with bypass pipes....its stupid loud.
    always run full synthetic oil and just changed all fluids in cooling, trans, dif and so on.
    Black leather interior with carbon accents. Has one small mare on passenger front seat.
    upgraded angle eye led bulbs
    tinted all around
    brand new windshield
    Just put a euro bumper on it about a month ago. Doesn have front reflectors or headlight washers....cleaner look.
    Paint on the car is 97ish percent perfect. Zero dings and I think there are like 3 small chips which im working on fixing with dr colorchip.

    Car is so balanced and handles amazingly well. Turn in and feel is amazing. Its quick but not insane by any means...guess it depends on your reference point of speed. What Ive always liked about it is I felt you could drive it hard without having to worry about it bitting you and scaring the $#@! out of you...just fun to drive. Always got lots of compliments with her.
    Thats the basics I can think of at the moment. Let me know if anyone has any questions. I don't really want to sell it but I just don't have room for it anymore and something needs to go. I had always wanted to supercharge it and turn it into a monster but never pulled the trigger. You can pick up used supercharger kits pretty reasonably and takes it to 650ish hp.

    $21,000- price. From what checking Ive done this is inline..maybe a tick on the upper side of pricing but considering condition and know issues Ive addressed feel its a hell of a lot of car for that kinda money
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    Very nice op! Glws!

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    The E92 M3 will be a classic.

    That's a nice one. GLWS!

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    Interior and engine compartment pictures might help.

    Pictures of underside on a lift always helps me in a big way.

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