Mercedes-AMG is playing the internet well in leaking their own car. This sometimes happens accidentally but this feels deliberate. Regardless, Mercedes-AMG posted the C118 CLA45 AMG rear end in their German configurator.

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Someone caught it and of course now the photo is now making its rounds.

What else did we learn? The CLA45 AMG for the first time will offer two trim levels, standard and S. This mirrors its big brother AMG models.

The CLA45 AMG is expected to push horsepower to 415. That is huge for a factory 2.0 liter four-cylinder motor and keeps the most powerful production four-cylinder crown with AMG.

That is not all, a RWD software enabled drift mode seems to be a part of the package. That is just... cool.

The next gen CLA45 and all new 45 AMG models are shaping up quite well.

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