As the Automotive Performance Network continues to expand into higher end tuning coverage you will naturally see the McLaren aftermarket get increasing focus. HyperCar Development is a McLaren tuner many of you likely have heard of.

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Now, some of you likely heard of the tri-turbo McLaren turbo upgrades from HyperCar. HyperCar Development is no longer focusing on this setup (unless you desperately want it) and the employee responsible for it is no longer with the company.

Suffice it to say, HyperCar is going in a different direction and pushing some very interesting new builds and projects which McLarenBoost along with the BoostAddict Network will be detailing over the next few weeks.

They are doing new tuning modules, turbo upgrades (knocking on the door of 1000+ whp), methanol tunes, and stroker motors are coming as well. Some very big developments for the M838T and M840T V8 platforms.

Not to mention they are doing AMG GT tuning as well as offering products for the Ford Raptor platform. You have Hypercar Development for the high end McLaren tuning, HyperFastCars for AMG tuning, and Hyper Offroad for their Raptor tuning portfolio.

Plenty to come: