Hello , new to this board and forced induction
I'm a long time BMW owner current 07 550i 6sp manual
and just picked up a 2014 15k mi 650i msport
Owners of tuned n63tu cars recommendations and
guidance would greatly be appreciated.
My goals for the 650i are to get as much "reliable"
power out of this engine as possible with the proven
mods and custom tunes that are available,
my questions are before a custom tune
what mods do I need to make to the car????
im thinking - catless downpipes, remove the carbon filter
- alpina 60mm turbos or other ( or is this even nessery)
i have read that the bigger compressor would be more efficient
expecally at higher Rpms
also tuner recommendations ( reliable power )
i want to get the most out of this car from what I have read already
bmw left a lot of headroom on the table with this engine.
thanks very much for your experience and recommend mods