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    2019 Chevrolet Corvette C7 ZR1 vs. McLaren 570S pulls

    Kindly ignore that the video you are about to see is almost fifteen minutes long. For some odd reason these days some people think viewers tune in to see Youtubers endlessly talk rather than watch the cars perform.

    Click here to enlarge

    Skip ahead to the 8:45 mark to prevent yourself from just rage quitting the video entirely.

    Now, the ZR1 has yet to impress on the track despite its potent engine. The McLaren 570S on the other hand puts down some incredible track times.

    In the first pull the McLaren 570S easily pulls away. You can visibly see where the shift speed of the manual ZR1 hurts it. Driver mod is clearly necessary here as the shifts kill the ZR1.

    The Corvette gets a big jump in the second race and the McLaren can't close the gap.

    A third run has the McLaren easily pulling and one has to start to wonder if heat soak isn't playing a factor.

    Onto the fourth race and the ZR1 spins its tires.

    They go to higher speeds next starting at 70 mph. This helps the ZR1 somewhat but it still can't win unless it jumps.

    The guy in the video says it is neck and neck between the two but apparently he didn't watch his own video.

    The 570S is far more composed and consistent. It will take an automatic ZR1 to really challenge it.

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    Same ZR1 versus a C6Z with 670whp. Pretty even races.

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