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    Shift Sector 10/22/2016

    Had a blast this season being part of BMS family. As you may know I have blown my motor a couple months ago so it has been down. Terry was kind enough to let me race his 2016 Z06 as a benchmark Click here to enlarge.

    Here are some words from Terry himself.

    "Hey guys,

    Just arrived back from the arduous trek to and from Coalinga for shift sector. Great event as always, but driving 400 miles always exhausts me. Especially with no interior sound deadening. :lol

    We had 5 cars out today and everyone ran pretty well. I don't think we had a single misfire, check engine light, limp mode, or headache in the group. Click here to enlarge

    I ran our 2008 135i for the first time since doing the MT swap and adding the roll cage and was happy with its performance. There are a few things I need to adjust for next time, namely the gearing. More on that later. Since it's a PITA to launch a single turbo I decided to just do rolling runs from 3rd gear at the cones. So it works out to around 0.4ths of a mile. Unfortunately most people went the full 0.5ths of a mile so my traps won't really be comparable. Next time I'll try some launches there. I also had to limit boost to 23psi in 3rd.

    I started at low boost and worked my way up as I got more comfortable with the new setup. Best trap was 167.2mph basically hitting the 7200rpm rev limiter in 5th with the 3.15 gears. I really wish the car had 3.08s... =/ ACF is working on a new stronger/better diff arrangement with (I think) an 8.8 carrier so I'll just wait for that to swap down to 3.02 gears or something. Anyway the trap was good enough for 2nd place in the BMW/AMG class, second only to our very own Ram who ran 172mph with his JB4 & PURE turbo tuned M5. :burnrubber:

    Attached is a break down of my runs and run notes for each.
    California Airstrip Attack
    Current Race Stats

    Race ID: 2563
    Time: 2016-10-22 16:40:12
    Speed: 167.286 mph

    Race Number: 119
    Name: Terry Burger
    Vehicle: 2008 BMW 135i

    Race Log

    #119 (Race ID: 2563 @ 2016-10-22 10:38), 167.286 mph -- 29psi, riding out 5th
    #119 (Race ID: 2503 @ 2016-10-22 9:48), 165.441 mph -- 29psi, riding out 5th
    #119 (Race ID: 2435 @ 2016-10-22 8:34), 161.637 mph -- 29psi, filled the gas tank to get more weight over the tires, tried a 4th to 6th shift. VBox showed 167mph, I think their timing equipment robbed me on this one.
    #119 (Race ID: 2376 @ 2016-10-22 7:50), 98.124 mph -- 29psi Got sideways in 4th gear, let off.
    #119 (Race ID: 2304 @ 2016-10-22 6:48), 162.689 mph -- 26psi, stock KR tables
    #119 (Race ID: 2230 @ 2016-10-22 5:32), 159.010 mph -- 23psi, stock KR tables
    Towards the last run or two I was basically maxing out the turbo. Given the DA it didn't want to make anymore than around 29psi. :brokenheart: On the plus side, it did manage a 5.9 60-130 in the heat. Plans for a larger turbo are also in the works.

    Ando raced our 340i B58 sporting a JB4, PURE S1 turbo, and meth, and ran a best of 146.5mph. Which for the day turned out to be pretty impressive. Can't wait to see his videos.

    Jon raced our 2015 M5 with JB4, meth, and BMS intake, and ran a best of 160.6mph.

    Jason raced our 2015 M3 with JB4, meth, PURE S2 turbos, BMS intake, BMS catback, and ran a best of 162.8mph. Car was run at 30psi and struggled with traction but otherwise flawless all day.

    Finally Payam sported my 2016 Z06 since his car is apart right now. It's 100% stock and was run on ~93 octane. I think it ran a best of 147mph. We expected a little more but those stupid superchargers heat soak like crazy sitting in the staging lanes. :brokenheart:

    Anyway I saw everyone took a ton of photos and videos. You'll start seeing those show up in this thread as everyone gets home and has time to upload them. :happy Was also happy to see several customers out there running well. Feel free to post your results/vids/photos in this thread! Click here to enlarge"

    Some videos I managed to get:

    Burger Motorsports
    Home of the Worlds fastest N20s, N54s, N55s, S55s, N63s, and S63s!

    It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser and installer of any BMS part to employ the correct installation techniques required to ensure the proper operation of BMS parts, and BMS disclaims any and all liability for any part failure due to improper installation or use. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to verify that the use of their vehicle and items purchased comply with federal, state and local regulations. BMS claims no legal federal, state or local certification concerning pollution controlled motor vehicles or mandated emissions requirements. BMS products labeled for use only in competition racing vehicles may only be used on competition racing vehicles operated exclusively on a closed course in conjunction with a sanctioned racing event, in accordance with all federal and state laws, and may never be operated on public roads/highways. Please click here for more information on legal requirements related to use of BMS parts.

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    Wow - love the data and the Z06 to compare. Is the Z06 an 8L90 or manual? Really puts the times of the BMWs in to perspective - the Z06 (when not heat soaked) is super fast. And the BMWs were on a different level.


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    New Shift Sector 1/2 mile side by side race on 2/25&26 Coalinga airport.

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