hello everyone, this is my first post, but not first time my car has been on here. Awhile back my car was featured on a blog titled (Stage 2 tuned MKVII Volkswagen GTI versus JB4 tuned BMW 335i N54 from a roll). I figured I would start documenting babysteps of my car. Some info: 07 E92 335i N54 6MT w/ 106,000 miles. Everything including clutch is stock. Mods are: JB4, BMS DCI, VRSF downpipes, AA 5" Sport Intercooler. I had the car dynode awhile back on a mustang dyno. On a 94 degree day w/ a stock intercooler timing was pulled all the way down to 6 degrees due to IAT's skyrocketing to 160 degrees. On map 5 w/ 93 octane, car put down 388whp/426wtq. Anyways with that background info, heres a run with the supra. First run was a bad brake boost attempt on my end and second run was clean. Info is in video description. Enjoy!!