Yesterday we saw a tuned Volkswagen MKVII GTI pull away from a stock CLA45 AMG on the highway. Well, in the interest of fairness it's time to see how a tuned 45 AMG M133 does against some tuned MKVII Golf's. The MKVII VW Golf's in the video are not the GTI model but the R.

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In theory, a tuned Golf R should be quicker than the GTI but it is heavier due to its all wheel drive. The A45 AMG of course has all wheel drive and is a bit heavier than either. The vehicles racing all feature dual clutch transmissions.

Here is the mod list for each vehicle:

Camera car Golf R - custom exhaust and intake, Stage 2 Revo tune
Second Golf R - custom downpipe and intake, HG Motorsports intercooler, and Stage 2 Revo tune
Mercedes A45 AMG - Renntech Tuning Box, cat delete, Rebellion TCU remap

The first run video is a low speed roll with the A45 AMG versus the camera Golf R. The A45 AMG just pulls away steadily as the cars dodge traffic (Russians, naturally).

The second run video features all three cars lined up. The Golf R's are pretty close to one another and essentially even. The A45 AMG though pulls away decisively and continues to steadily pull.

What is interesting is that this not with any Renntech flash tuning but just the Renntech piggyback box. The AMG M133 four-cylinder takes this one easily.