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    Gossip from the Mercedes-Benz stand at Detroit Auto Show -Road and Track Mag

    Overheard in Detroit: Gossip from the Mercedes-Benz stand

    Big plans, fun trash talk emanate from the Mercedes display.

    By Jason Cammisa January 15, 2014 / Photos by Chris Cantle

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    Senior Editor Jason Cammisa has an uncanny, perhaps superhuman ability to pull fantastic details out of thin air during a show that manufacturers hope will go rigidly according to script. At the Mercedes-Benz stand, some casual comments revealed important tidbits that we just have to share. - Ed
    AMG will double down on monster motors

    “The C400’s got a twin-turbo six. Can you imagine what a monster the AMG is going to be like?” - An unnamed Mercedes-Benz PR person
    Cammisa says: "Insane. Insane, I say! So I guess we’ll see the turbo V8 for the C63 AMG. 500 hp would be an understatement. Sometimes, understatements are awesome."
    Click here to enlargeChris CantleMore horsepower is not enough

    “Sure, they only have to beat the M3’s 425 hp. But if they can slaughter that, why not?” - A former AMG executive
    Cammisa says: "Oh, dear Lord, those Germans and their horsepower."
    Click here to enlargeChris CantleRear-wheel drive is proper and good

    “Don’t necessarily expect the C-Class AMG to have four-wheel drive like the E63 AMG does.” - An AMG employee who loves drifting
    Cammisa says: "Woohoo—hooliganism is back at Mercedes!"
    Click here to enlargeChris CantleApparently, the GLA is a better AMG than the CLA

    “The GLA AMG is really a hot hatch. Actually, it’s better than the CLA. And the GLA45 AMG is the best of the bunch.” - An MB USA fan of hot hatches
    Cammisa says: "This little thing is so hot to look at, if it’s half as good to drive, it’ll be serious competition for the GTI and Golf R."
    Click here to enlargeChris CantleWhat the SL Roadster really needs

    “The SL will be refreshed, of course. But you can expect it’ll be a bit more than the usual eyebrow tweeze.” - Someone in Mercedes design
    Cammisa says: "That’s a relief, look at the poor thing. It needs a full-body Extreme Makeover."
    The CLA isn't gathering dust on lots

    “There’s not really a waiting list for the CLA, and we didn’t reallocate any supply to other countries like China … but we sold so many of them in the last quarter of 2013 that the cars are in relatively short supply now. We’re not playing any tricks.” - An unnamed Mercedes PR person
    Cammisa says: "That’s always good news. Either way, don’t prance into a Mercedes dealership thinking you’re going to get a big discount on the car, either."
    Click here to enlargeChris CantleA drop top big body Benz is happening?

    “Well, you know there have been rumors about an S-Class convertible?” - A snarky response from a product guy
    Cammisa says: "Awesome, so that’s happening. And that’s really, really cool."
    Click here to enlargeChris CantleAudi is scared of the big bad Benzes

    “We hear that the guys at Audi Design are freaking out a little bit over the C-Class.” - Everyone at Mercedes
    Cammisa says: "Honestly, they should. It’s the first stunning, elegant, dare we say gorgeous C-Class since the W202. Bravo to Gorden Wagener and team. Now hurry up and fix that poor SL, Mercedes!"

    Read more:

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    Yep another thread is up with some of these details. New article tomorrow morning on the interesting tidbits.
    Three sets of brand new 991.2 3.0 headers for sale: Kline, Fabspeed, and Vektor Ceramic Coated

    IPD plenum for Porsche 991.2 3.0 for sale: $650

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