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  1. I don't trust their timing equipment.

    I don't trust their timing equipment.
  2. Which Porsche?

    Which Porsche?
  3. Watch a 1000 Horsepower Protomotive 997 Turbo and a 1300 Horsepower 9FF 997 GT2 race an AMS Alpha 12 Nissan GTR

    Here we have two highly modified turbocharged 997's which take on a AMS Alpha 12 Nissan GTR. The first race has the Protomotive MKI 997 Turbo take on the GTR. The 997 Turbo launched better and...
  4. Why not?

    Why not?
  5. Porsche GT2 9ff vs Nissan GTR AMS Alpha 12 vs Porsche 911 Proto 100

    The GTR flat out RIPS up top, impressive:
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