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Mods: CP+BOV(DV)| FMIC | DPs | Inlets | *Stage 2 pump*

***Stage 2 pump is needed for E85 maps***

Change log to Stage 1/1.5/2 maps:
*Reworked boost for smoother curve, more aggressive.
*All maps S1-3 have built in Turbo protection. Prevents turbo from over-spinning if you have a leak by limiting WGDC under 87-88%. (something other guys don't have!)
*All maps fully unlocked.

Stage 3 maps:
*Boost Target is set to 19-20.5 psi (depending on your elevation) on E85 maps and 18-19 on 91/93
*Reworked Vanos
*Reworked Ignition
*Reworked Fuel Bank 1/2
*Reworked Fuel Scalar 1/2

Next Step:
Implementing INA0S (335 IS models)
Adding 95 Octane maps (Friends in Europe)
Adding Race Gas maps

Paypal - (no 'g')

MSD 80 is I8A0S (Pre LCI N54)
MSD 81 is IJE0S (LCI N54)


*Low end Ignition adjusted
*Fuel reworked for more HP and TQ (same as Stage 2)
*VANOS adjusted to create a bit more LSA and gobble more air
*6AT and DCT Transmissions will behave more aggressivel.
Shifts will be more "slap in the face" feels
*Added Boost X Gear X RPM for 1st and 2nd gear (Drag Racing Purposes)
*Added "Slap in the face" shift. Now your 6AT and DCT Transmissions will stay in boost and shift with speed of light.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sticky View Post
    I speak a few of these as well...
    For real ? Are you from Europe ? I grew up in Ukraine/Russian region so those 2 were easy Polish and Bulgarian came later.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DeanerBeamer View Post
    For real ? Are you from Europe ? I grew up in Ukraine/Russian region so those 2 were easy Polish and Bulgarian came later.
    For real and no but my parents are. Polish came first and Ukrainian is basically drunken Polish so it's easy.

    English came later.
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    In order to speak any Slavic based language, few shots of Whiskey or nice Vodka with orange juice will make an incredible translator. LMAO
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    Interesting, might give the Stage 3 E50 map a try against the MHD stage 2+ flex fuel map I'm running
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    I am uploading V4 maps here in few has better controls.
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    V4 Changelog:
    *Reworked boost control – more aggressive WGDC control to help get into boost anywhere in RPM range. Also more automation to compensate for different elevations with different barometric pressure, esp sea level situation where less WGDC required to achieve boost target and to prevent overshoots. The automation is similar to BMW 1M.

    *Boost target - raised, slight adjustments.
    *VANOS – Intake came got rework for smoother progression and wider overall LSA to gobble more air top end 4500+ RPM.
    *Fuel Tables – some adjustments from 11.4 to 11.6 target on 93 octane. Some E85 maps adjusted as well, running a bit leaner up to 4500 rpm to produce more midrange TQ.
    *Ignition – Raised timing for S1.5 E30 maps by .5-1.0* in higher load to accommodate VANOS changes.
    *Added – E40 maps for Stage 1.5. All the changes above apply.

    *Throttle closure Threshold – Relaxed it a bit.
    Note: Overall more power and smoother experience. I am not a fun of more automation as I am control freak and always want to control things to the TEE however it is needed as not everyone on the same elevation.

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    My page:
    Contact me:

    Paypal - (no \'g\')

    MSD 80 is I8A0S (Pre LCI N54)
    MSD 81 is IJE0S (LCI N54)
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    135iTX -
    What is changed when tuning a map for a car w/inlets vs no inlets?
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    Dean@RFP -
    More top end. Less wgdc midrang more boost overall
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    Heitorhm -
    OK. thank you very much. I'm going to write the basemap and see how it behaves.

    Better than JB4 back end flash E50? already used it as Back End Flash?
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    This is flash only no JB4
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