BMW 6HP HW 7591971 and 7591972 TCU Community XDF

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BMW 6HP HW 7591971 and 7591972 TCU Community XDF

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This is the community XDF for the BMW/ZF 6HPxx series transmissions with hardware numbers 7591971 and 7591972.

Thanks to:

RBT Tuning and all involved in the developing their public XDF where the vast majority of the tables come from. for providing major sponsorship and official file hosting.

Twisted Tuning for donating purchased WinOLS files.
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    Version 1:

    Based on RBT Tuning's v13 public XDF with the following additions/changes:

    - Shiftmap Torque axis defined to what appears more correct based on several factors. ** This has not been tested/proven**

    - Changed significant digits for Shiftmap Torque axis from 0 to 1 so that zeros show up as a 0 rather than a blank space.

    - Added Testing/Unconfirmed folder for unconfirmed new tables. Tables in this folder should be considered alpha and potentially incorrect. If you are interested in using these tables and understand the risks of testing, please change them one at a time and report your findings on the 6HP XDF discussion thread.

    - Added upshift torque reduction end ramp duration tables to the testing folder.

    - Added in-gear system pressure target tables to the testing folder.
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    Your file BMW 6HP HW 7591971 7591972 v1.xdf has been approved
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    Bumping as I believe this is the only hosted N54 TCU XDF