• VF-Engineering Mercedes-AMG C190 GT R M178 ECU tune results - +70 lb-ft of torque

      The M178 V8 in the GT R is already plenty potent from the factory as Mercedes-AMG tunes the motor more aggressively than any other GT variant. Horsepower is at 577 and torque at 516 lb-ft for the GT R at the crank from the factory.

      On the VF-Engineering Mustang dyno this baselines at 491 wheel horsepower and 514 lb-ft of torque at the wheels. Very, very stout. That is more power than a Porsche 991.2 Turbo S and more than a stock Lamborghini Huracan:

      After the tune peak horsepower only goes up by 23 at the wheels but peak numbers don't tell the story.

      The MAX Gains are as follows:
      556 TQ - Tuned
      468 TQ - Stock
      + 90 ft. lbs. @ 3,600

      488 HP - Tuned
      429 HP - Stock
      + 60 horsepower @ 4,750

      You see large gains in the mid-rane and gains throughout the entire curve.

      A few more details from VF-Engineering:

      Quote Originally Posted by VFE
      This car was previously tuned by a company which will remain unnamed.
      The owner expressed that the car felt “quicker” but would still seem to run out of power over 4,250 RPM.

      Our calibration strategy for 91 Octane ran lower boost and made more power (based on area under the curve) across the full rev range.

      This is an example of how proper testing and validation yields greater usable power, is safer on the turbos/motor long term, and makes for a more pleasant driver experience.

      Yes, the previous tune showed higher Peak Gains, but those gains were all below 3,500 rpm, and by 5,750 rpm was back to stock power levels, or less than stock by redline.

      Moral of the story, dyno plots should be mandatory when researching software, and emphasis should be on usable power at key RPM ranges…and NOT on peak power gains.

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        93siro -
        Soooo the baseline was tuned as well?
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        Soooo the baseline was tuned as well?
        No they flashed back to stock and did not state who the competitor was.