• E85 tuned BMW F80 M3 vs. tuned Mercedes-AMG E63 S

      A fun matchup here as the little brother to the M5 gets to go up against the Mercedes-AMG W213 E63 S. In a roll race like this, the F80 M3 is actually the better choice if that is your thing. Why? Lighter, rear wheel drive, and a DCT transmission.

      The F80 M3 is quite simply the more efficient platform despite the smaller motor.

      Both are tuned although the tuners are not named and both have downpipes. The E63 is on pump gas however and that is a big downgrade for the M177.

      The runs go as one would expect with the torque of the E63 establishing a lead early but as the cars stretch their legs the M3 makes up the distance and pulls.

      The lower the starting speed the better for the E63 S.

      Very nice comparison.

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      1. RobNyc's Avatar
        RobNyc -
        Camer Car is a local friend!

        E63s has-downpipes-93 tune

        M3 has-intakes-downpipes -e85 tune (Custom Tune via Bootmod3 by @CaryTheLabelGuy "CaryJ" )

        Original Video was grabbed from his channel
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        Sticky -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by RobNyc Click here to enlarge
        Original Video was grabbed from his channel
        He messaged me. Didn't realize someone stole his vid.
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        pr3ci5n335i -
        Every race was the same besides the second to last. Good comparison though.
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        RobNyc -
        Back to back runs are the way!
        I hate seeing these 1 run videos