• Edmunds compares the 2018 BMW F90 M5 to the Mercedes-AMG W213 E63 S

      Another day and another M5 vs. E63 comparison. This one comes from Edmunds and they do a decent job. They start off calling the two sedans 'sports cars' which is rather stupid because with all wheel drive twin turbo V8's and 4300+ pounds they are hardly nimble canyon carvers.

      They're dragsters. That is what AMG and M have turned the segment into. Sure, they handle well considering how porky they are but the emphasis is straightline speed.

      The first thing they do is drag race them. The E63 wins while the M5 throws some codes. They try again and the M5 wins:

      A 126 trap for the M5 in warm California weather is finally a realistic number. If you are expecting a stock 129 mile per hour M5, well, that only happens on the pages of Car and Driver.

      Both cars offer a drift mode that sends power to the rear tires which is a bit gimmicky but it really serves as a way for BMW to say they still offer RWD on the M5.

      The hypocritical part of this comparison is that they take both sedans to Willow Springs, call them both sports cars, but do not do a lap comparison. Instead they drag race them and play with the drift modes.

      Exactly what most owners will do them as well.

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        "They're dragsters". ming_by_manufacturers
        List of "sports cars" slower than the M5. Lots!
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        So at Atco Dragway, these are stock 10 second ars all day long Click here to enlarge

        ”Tune only” examples should run deep 10’s. Vin Diesel won’t even need NOS.