• A look at Weistec's M133 (CLA45/GLA45) upgrades - ECU tune +126 wtq, W.4 Turbo upgrade ~500 awhp

      The CLA & GLA 45 is often overlooked by performance enthusiasts and is not generally regarded as a high-power platform, but we at Weistec disagree. We have worked hard to provide the BEST tune on the market for the M133 platform, not only in numbers but also in sheer power delivery. Our tune sees peak boost and torque at 3000rpm, getting off the line with 428awtq and carrying through to the finish line using 356awhp-- With nothing but our tune!

      Weistec Engineering
      M133 ECU Upgrades

      Bang for the buck, this is your best option for quick and easy power.

      AMG's M133 platform is definitely a performer, and has a ton of available potential as what would be expected from a Mercedes AMG vehicle. We offer a complete line up of parts and accessories for this platform to make sure you get every ounce of power available and would love to be included on your next build.

      Check out these videos of Melting Tires personal GLA45 with the M133 and our Weistec W. 4 Turbo Kit making 497awhp and 535awtq!


      Feel free to place an order any time online at!
      Weistec M133 ECU Upgrade - $999.99
      Weistec M133 W. 4 Turbo Kit - $6,699.99+
      Weistec CLA 45 Full Line


      You can reach us directly by calling 714-202-0005 to place your order over the phone.

      Hours of Operations:

      Monday - Friday from 8AM to 5PM PST

      Saturday & Sunday - Closed

      Contact Info:

      Phone: 714-202-0005



      Feel free to PM any questions!

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        Great stuff for the M133!
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        Great stuff for the M133!
        Good stuff, thank you!