• Want to drive and even race the Mercedes SLS AMG GT3 race car? All it takes is money

      Mercedes has expanded their AMG Academy program to include... yes, the SLS AMG GT3 racecar. They actually have several programs based around the real thing. There are four levels to the program: GT3 Experience, GT3 Warm-Up, GT3 Training, and GT3 Competition. The first level of just experiencing the race car starts at 1,500 Euro. The courses then progress until actual racing competition with 10 other participants. This will take place in 2012 and is only available in Germany unlike the other AMG Academy programs which are available in the US. We have detailed the packages below and are accepting donations:

      SLS GT3 Experience

      - Reception followed by introduction
      - Guided drive with the SLS AMG road car
      - Introduction to the SLS AMG GT3 including driving instructions and seating test
      - SLS AMG GT3 experience (2 participants per instructor)
      - A ride in the Racing Taxi with the instruction (video recorded)

      1,500 Euro

      SLS AMG GT3 Warm-Up

      Day 1

      - Reception and theory training alternating with instruction and seat test in an SLS GT3
      - DMSB license course (only for those who live in Germany)
      - Fitness test

      Day 2

      - Warm-up in an SLS production car
      - Various driving exercises in an SLS AMG GT3 with sport/street tires
      - Theory instruction
      - Fitness training

      4,500 Euro (max 12 participants)

      SLS AMG GT3 Training

      - Driving around the racetrack with instructor
      - Braking and gear change instruction
      - Corner entry and exit instruction
      - Tires changed to racing slicks
      - Telemetry and video breakdown
      - Theory training

      2,000 Euro per hour

      SLS AMG GT3 Competition

      Oh baby, here is the good stuff.

      - Event launches in 2012 with 10 participants.
      - 2013 event up to 20 participants

      Price is available on request (translation: Poor people stay away)

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        That car looks so raw, I love the design. What a machine.