• BenzBoost member goes 10.3@134.9 in his Gintani tuned Weistec Stage III supercharged W204 C63 AMG M156

      Ah, the AMG M156 V8. Big displacement for a V8 in the German world and especially in today's performance climate. Combine those cubes with an efficient and high revving design and you get a platform where a bit of boost goes a long way.

      It's incredible to think about a C-Class running low 10's on the stock motor and stock transmission. This car belongs to Benzboost member @gzim335 and he is going to an upgraded fuel system and higher boost pulley.

      That should put him on the precipice of a 9-second pass.

      Until then though this is his mod list:

      2012 C63
      Weistec Stage 3 Supercharger
      ARH long tube headers
      E40ish fuel (maxed out on stock fueling)
      Stock M156 motor untouched
      Stock MCT transmission
      67mm pump gas pulley
      275/40/17 Mickey Thompson drag radials

      And the result:


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        MR747 -
        Beast well done Gzim
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        Sticky -
        @gzim335 I was told Gintani did the E85 tuning? Why didn't you mention that?
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        gzim335 -
        Must’ve missed that haha i have it on my ig,all my cars are Gintani tuned
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by gzim335 Click here to enlarge
        Must’ve missed that haha i have it on my ig,all my cars are Gintani tuned
        LOL honest mistake, it's ok.
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        Edited the title to make it more clear about the tuning.