• The swap to an M177 4.0 liter does not hurt the 2018 W222 S63 AMG 4Matic - 0-60 in 3.4, 11.6@121 1/4 mile

      For 2018 the W222 Mercedes-AMG S63 finally dumps the 5.5 liter M157 V8 for a 4.0 liter M177 variant shared with the W213 E63. You might think the displacement drop would hurt but the car does very well with the new powerplant.

      The switch to the new 9-speed gearbox helps as well but 60 mph comes in just 3.4 seconds. The 1/4 mile takes 11.6 @ 121.5.

      Not impressed? The S63 weighs 5105 pounds. Sure, all wheel drive adds weight but holy crap is this thing heavy.

      The boat still manages to pull .95g on the skidpad.

      That weight did show in the figure eight test by MotorTrend when smoke was pouring out of the wheel wells. It seems they got quite a bit of heat into the brakes. Enough to make something start smoking.

      Apparently it was a defect but tracking this monster is probably out of the question.

      Regardless, the switch to the M177 improves the S63's performance considerably. It hit 60 in 3.7 seconds and ran through the 1/4 mile in 12.1 seconds at 115.5 mph with the M157.

      Less displacement but a big jump in performance. Efficiency is the name of the game here.

      2018 Mercedes-AMG S63 4Matic+
      BASE PRICE $148,495
      PRICE AS TESTED $192,395
      VEHICLE LAYOUT Front-engine, AWD, 4-pass, 4-door sedan
      ENGINE 4.0L/603-hp/664-lb-ft twin-turbo DOHC 32-valve V-8
      TRANSMISSION 9-speed automatic
      CURB WEIGHT (F/R DIST) 5,105 lb (54/46%)
      WHEELBASE 124.6 in
      LENGTH x WIDTH x HEIGHT 208.5 x 75.0 x 59.0 in
      0-60 MPH 3.4 sec
      QUARTER MILE 11.6 sec @ 121.5 mph
      BRAKING, 60-0 MPH 109 ft
      LATERAL ACCELERATION 0.95 g (avg)
      MT FIGURE EIGHT 24.3 sec @ 0.83 g (avg)
      EPA CITY/HWY/COMB FUEL ECON 17/26/20 mpg
      ENERGY CONS, CITY/HWY 198/130 kW-hrs/100 miles
      CO2 EMISSIONS, COMB 0.96 lb/mile

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      1. leveraged sellout's Avatar
        leveraged sellout -
        The weight isnít helped by having the full executive rear seat package, but it would be weird if the new car was heavier than the old one. This is more than an S65, even. I seem to recall the M157 car with typical options being around 4800 or so.

        That trap speed increase is incredible, this car is definitely under-rated by a bit, as is to be expected. Those handling and braking numbers are incredible too, although AWD + 5100 pounds will put a lot of stress on things. Still...that figure-eight time for MT is very, very fast. I honestly donít know how theyíve done it.

        But Iíd still take the V12 if I had the money....the V8 and V12 are likely making about the same hp, but the V12 is still probably up by about 100 lb ft of torque. And has the superior suspension, and no understeer-inducing AWD. A stock 65 should trap about this same speed, maybe another .5-1 mph. Of course it wonít get off the line as quickly, but itís an S-Class not a GTR. Iíd still put quite a lot of money on an S65 winning by more than a nose in a 75-186 limiter run.

        But this thing is amazing, and that engine sounds brutal. We are living in a truly insane time if you like sedans like me. There are quite a few supercars from recent history that would be happy to lay down these numbers, both in speed and handling.
      1. nbrigdan's Avatar
        nbrigdan -
        That level of performance in such a barge is awesome. Even the handling numbers are very impressive. But do they just not make the S63 SWB anymore? Because that would be the one to have in my opinion.

        I can see these running low 11s and ~3 0-60 tune only.