• Weistec bringing the big guns to the M133 - Garrett W.4 based turbo upgrade for the Mercedes CLA45 and GLA45 AMG good for 500+ horsepower (GTX3071R or GTX3076R)

      Now this is a serious turbo upgrade for the M133 engine platform. Not a hybrid but a full turbo replacement with a new manifold. That means there is no core charge but also much more capability from the Garrett GTX 3071R or 3076R turbo options.

      Just how much more power? Well, we will have to wait and see a dyno but expect 500+ horsepower and more depending on turbo choice, fuel, and options.

      For example, you can add water/methanol injection to the turbo kit.

      Either way, there is far more capability than the factory manifold and turbo:

      Quote Originally Posted by Weistec
      The turbo upgrade, as with all W.4 Upgrades, is a comprehensive turbo upgrade that completely replaces the factory turbocharges and exhaust manifolds. For the M133 engine, we offer different size turbos. All turbocharger options are ball bearing units with CNC machined billet aluminum compressor wheels rated at ~60lb/min to ~70lb/min, much higher than the stock unit. The Weistec compressor cover provides mounting for the OEM wastegate actuator, is compatible with the stock charge piping, and has provisions for the Weistec Anti Surge Valve. A 3 inch inlet is standard to provide unrestricted flow to the compressor wheel.

      The turbo upgrade features a Weistec high flow cast stainless steel twin scroll turbo manifold. The inlet ports, runners, and outlet are substantially larger than the factory manifold to support very high power levels. The cast stainless steel design was chosen for both reliability and performance. The Weistec Cast Stainless Steel Twin Scroll Manifold is incredibly strong and sturdy in comparison to tubular manifold designs which have a tendency to crack and leak. A cast manifold is also better at retaining heat than a tubular manifold, resulting in quicker response from the turbocharger.

      The entire system will mate up with the stock downpipe, or the Weistec M133 Downpipe.
      Weistec is not forcing you to use their software either. If you want a custom tune by your tuner of choice, by all means do so.

      This is also a completely bolt on install affair and the turbo upgrade will mate to the factory downpipe.

      Key Features:

      • Twin Ball Bearing Turbocharger
      • ~60 to ~70 Lbs/min compressor flow depending on turbo choice
      • Weistec M133 Compressor Cover
      • Weistec Cast Stainless Steel M133 Twin Scroll Manifold
      • Weistec W.4 Turbo Heat Shield
      • Custom Turbo Coolant Lines and Fittings
      • Custom Turbo Oil Lines and Fittings
      • Bolt on installation
      • All hardware and gaskets are included
      • 500+HP Capable with supporting upgrades*
      • Designed to use Weistec M133 Downpipe, Weistec M133 Intake System, and Weistec M133 Anti Surge Valve for maximum performance
      • Compatible with Factory Downpipe
      • Reuses Stock Wastegate Actuator
      • No Core Charge

      It is going to be fun to see what CLA45's, GLA45's, and A45's do with this turbo upgrade.

      It starts at $6,699.99:

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        Very cool!
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        Interested to see the 3071R spool graph and trq.
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by juiceraptor Click here to enlarge
        Interested to see the 3071R spool graph and trq.
        Eurocharged has a kit and is installing/tuning it. We should have graphs soon.