• Sale of Powerchip falls through - Wayne Besanko still involved

      People behind the scenes have been aware for a few weeks now that a sale of Powerchip was in the process of being completed. We did not report on it as a courtesy but we learned that the sale fell through and now can reveal what took place without having an affect on the outcome. Wayne Besanko attempted to sell Powerchip to an Asian investor he had been in talks with previously. This took place after the fall out from the performance forums debacle in which Powerchip's image took a huge hit and this spread to almost every forum and major blog.

      We learned from several sources that Wayne was going to sell Powerchip to this investor and retire from the business as he had his fill of it. This generally excited both former and current Powerchip employees we spoke to as the problem with Powerchip has been, well, Wayne Besanko. With Wayne out of the picture permanently it would pave the road to Powerchip's recovery (such as returning to this site, among others) and to once again be a serious option. Current and former employees were excited by this development as they have received nothing but a string of bad news as of late.

      The sale was to be for a large figure which we will not say. In previous years, Powerchip would have easily been able to get this amount from this investor and likely others. It would seem that Wayne pulled the rug out from underneath himself as word spread with what he was doing on the internet, attacking everyone and destroying the brand name. If you search for Wayne Besanko on google, what you find now is "Powerchip are a bunch of cunts." It would seem the investor eventually heard of this and sale fell through.

      It seems Wayne's actions finally caught up with him and that reality set in on just how much damage he had done and how much he had hurt himself. Wayne has now pulled back from the daily operation of Powerchip and has hired a manager to take over for him. We hope his retreat to the background is permanent and we know many currently involved with him and in the past would like nothing more than for this to happen.

      It would also seem that current Powerchip dealers (guess who?) are exploring other options as they have grown tired of dealing with Wayne and the chaos he has created. Quite simply, Wayne Besanko has exhausted the patience of everyone due to erratic behavior which has gotten more and more eccentric due to issues in his personal life. We wish we could say we feel sorry for him, but we don't. Looks like that retirement will have to wait

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