• Brabus tunes the Mercedes Unimog - Why? Because they can.

      The Unimog produced by Mercedes is part of a range of medium to heavy duty trucks. They come equipped in a variety of different ways and are capable of towing your car to competing in the Dakar rally. Brabus has modified what they are calling a "Black Edition" Unimog sure to to help you ford a river or run over your average SUV.

      Brabus starts by giving the Unimog 455/70/24 tires. No, not a typo. They also add a "sporty" body kit with custom front and rear bumpers, side panels, air vents, chrome bars, and diamond metal plating. The only color it comes in is black, so I hope you like it.

      The interior gets covered in leather and Alcantara, pretty nice huh? A command system from the S-class is also included with a 6.5 inch LCD screen along with a cd changer. The seats are also suspended on shock absorbing cushions so you won't even be able to feel the lesser trucks you run over.

      What about the engine you say? It only has 282 horsepower. However, being a tuned 6 cylinder turbo diesel it puts out 826 pound-feet of torque which is good for moving small stellar bodies. Want one? It will cost you about $330,000... worth it.

      Here is a vid, it's in German, but hey, you get the gist of it:

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        DBFIU -
        Turn up the boost.
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        e92 -
        it looks really tough next to the Mini.
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        1cleanAMG -
        My vehicle of choice in case of a zombie invasion.