• Renntech swapped M157 turbos onto a GL500/GL550 M278 and produced over 677 horsepower

      More AMG M157 turbocharger swaps onto M278 motors have been done by tuners than people realize. Recently, such a swap garnered attention on BenzBoost and Renntech contacted us to tell us they have done this swap numerous times.

      This GL550 (GL500 overseas) has the following modifications:

      M157 turbos
      RENNtech 200cell downpipes
      Custom flap exhaust
      Custom TCU and ECU remap

      Basically a turbo swap and Renntech tuning to make it work. The result is impressive:

      588 ECE corrected whp at a correction factor 1.009 in 28C ambient temp. In other words, just under 700 crank horsepower which they could easily hit but Renntech believes the automatic transmission can not take it.

      Renntech states the torque converter slips at ~950 nm or 700 lb-ft of torque at the crank. They dial the torque down for longevity on this car.

      Clearly, tuners can do this M157 swap so why aren't more people doing it?

      677 hp at crank
      865 nm / 638 ft lb torque

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