• F1 2017 - Bad blood already brewing at Mercedes between Hamilton and Bottas?

      There is a war of words already going on between Mercedes-AMG's Formula 1 drivers. It was kicked off by Lewis Hamilton's father who stated that being teammates with Lewis is potentially 'career ending' and that the teammate should make other plans for the future.

      Seriously, here's the statement:

      Quote Originally Posted by Anthony Hamilton
      Anybody who goes up against Lewis needs to have planned their career correctly because it could be a career-ending move when you go up against Lewis.

      I personally think, while he's getting older and more mature, he's still actually heading towards the prime of his career. So Lewis is going to be a force to be reckoned with this year.
      The dad is being supportive as a good dad should be but he is also saying Hamilton will end the career of newly signed Bottas as he will not be able to compete with his son.

      For his part, Valtteri Bottas had a pretty good response:

      Quote Originally Posted by Bottas
      Well, I would never want to be my team-mate either. Let's see. The season will start soon and we'll see where we go.
      Oh, and this:

      Quote Originally Posted by Bottas
      Nico showed beating Lewis is possible. I'm not here for second place.
      The season starts March 26th in Australia.

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        subaru335i -
        Should be a good competition.
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        I hope he tops Hamilton.