• OE Tuning C63 AMG M156 V8 development dynos

      Here are the results from testing and tuning of OE Tuning's C63 AMG. This car belongs to OE Tuning's tuner, Jeremy. At the time of the first dyno session the car had approximately 2000 miles on it. Before the dyno, the car had custom tri-Y long-tube headers and full exhaust made which were designed by Gintani (now off the car to finish production jigs).The car ran an 11.6@121 at the Famoso drag strip with the following mods: header back cat-less Gintani X-pipe with Gintani Full exhaust & Mufflers + OE Tune + Sunoco 104 gas + Continental Sport stock street tires.

      Stock headers and exhaust were re-fitted and the ecu flashed back to factory stock, adaptions were cleared with SDS. The car was then driven for 2 days (approx.70 miles) to re-adapt to the stock tune prior to dyno testing and tuning. For the dyno the car was put into dyno mode and tire pressures checked. The front engine cover removed and hood open during each run. Gasoline used: a full tank from empty of Chevron CA91 Premium.

      The first test was to record a baseline pull of absolutely “factory stock” vs. removal of charcoal filters and addition of K&N air filters. The results were surprisingly good, with an additional +10wHp seen (dynograph attached). The factory stock run is green and the run with K&N filters is red:

      The second test was to run the car “as is” with K&N filters and charcoals filters removed vs. “Off-the-shelf” ecu tune. +54wHp peak-to-peak gain was seen on top of figures already recorded (attached). The factory stock run is green, the run with K&N filters is red and the tuned run is purple:

      The third test was to modify the inside of the stock USDM airbox Ala R.O.W. airbox. (Pictures attached) Gains in low-end Torque were seen on the dyno, peak numbers remaining constant with no further tuning. This run is depicted in Pink on the 3rd dynograph:

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      1. Sorena's Avatar
        Sorena -
        54 whp?
        well done
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        Payam@BMS -
        yeaaa, saw this on facebook just a minute ago. good write up and lay out. really shows a lot and the improvement
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by HeroSina Click here to enlarge
        54 whp?
        well done
        Yea the C63s pick up alot for an NA car because they are detuned from the factory so they dont compete/beat the bigger body cars. You can see stock at 5500rpm the power levels off but with tune it keeps going up. Obviously there are additional changes made to the tune to make even more power as well