• SLS E-cell has Mercedes thinking of hybrid AMG models

      Hey Mercedes, what happened to all your manly performance decisions as of late? Autocar is reporting that Herbert Kohler, head of Daimler advanced engineering and future mobility, states that future AMG models will incorporate hybrid technology. "In the future AMG will still offer high performance models but there will be hybrids there,” he said. “AMG needs to reduce fuel consumption." We understand the Porsche 918 and the E-cell has them thinking this can work with performance models but all this means to us is the cars will be A LOT heavier necessitating even more powerful motors to equal performance on lighter platforms.

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        Oh god, now AMG...
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        Oh god, now AMG...
        I bet this is still 7+ years away.

        Hopefully AMG gives you the option and does not force it on you...