• SLK55 to receive new naturally aspirated 5.5 liter AMG V8, new AMG C-coupe to get the same motor as well?

      Autoweek is reporting the SLK55 will not get a twin turbo V8 as rumored but instead Mercedes will reveal a tweaked 5.5 liter naturally aspirated V8 putting out over 400 horsepower. It is rumored this motor will find its way into the C63 AMG coupe which does not make much sense to us. We can can understand holding the SLK back from being a fire-breathing monster annihilating everything in the Mercedes lineup (come on Benz, do it) but holding the C AMG coupe back does not make sense to us. Why should the sedan an coupe have different motors?

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        From reading the original AutoWeek article nothing was said about the black series getting this motor. It would not make sense for the Black Series to be slower than the sedan.

        I hope they stick the twin turbo V8 in there as originally planned and crush everyone.
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        I thought the new C63 AMG was to get the TT 5.5?
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        I thought the new C63 AMG was to get the TT 5.5?
        The C63 Black Series is getting the 5.5TT