• Renntech is flashing the A45/CLA45/GLA45 AMG M133 Bosch MED 17.7.2 ECU - Renntech Stage 2 M133 turbo upgrade dyno results

      Big news here on the M133 AMG 2.0 liter four-cylinder tuning front. The vast majority of tuning upgrades for the platform are piggyback units which many tuners are buying from a single source and just rebranding as their own. Well, Renntech has access the Bosch MED 17.7.2 ECU and is able to flash tune the A45 AMG.

      This is a big deal as nobody else has demonstrated this ability on the platform although there have been unsubstantiated claims from some tuners. It appears at this time that Renntech is the first tuner to have flash tuning ability and also the first to flash tune a turbo upgrade on the M133 platform.

      Renntech's Stage 2 package consists of a turbo upgrade which is mild and modifying the OEM housing. Power output is claimed at 455 horsepower and torque is electronically limited to protect the dual clutch driveline at 409 lb-ft.

      Here is the breakdown of the Renntech Stages:

      - 98 RON / 93 AKI fuel
      - ECE / EWG corrected engine results on SuperFlow dyno, same car, same dyno, same fuel
      - WHP is the measured / not corrected value

      STOCK: 328 AWHP / 374 hp at crank / 442 Nm engine torque
      STAGE 1: 361 AWHP / 414 hp at crank / 514 Nm engine torque
      STAGE 2: 393 AWHP / 460 hp at crank / 540 Nm engine torque


      Renntech is hitting about 460 at the crank or just under 400 at all four wheels on pump gas with their Stage 2 package. Very impressive work so far especially considering they are not doing this with a piggyback. This is also through the stock intake and exhaust system meaning going over 400 wheel horsepower is just a couple supporting mods away.

      Expecting pricing and more details later this month with the Stage 2 package available for sale in January.

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        Hartmut at it again w lenny and the boys, impressive as ususal!!
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        leveraged sellout -
        Too bad there's no RWD variant. That would be lots of fun with this kind of power.
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