• The 2015 AMG GT interior leaks early and it is absolutely gorgeous

      Mercedes-Benz, you are on quite the roll! You know by now that a new sports car is coming from Mercedes-Benz which will likely be called the AMG GT. The latest round of spyphotos gave us a decent idea of what the exterior proportions and design will be but they did not display any interior details. We now have those interior details thanks to a internet leak of the photos of the official finished interior design and it is simply stunning.

      The stitching, the two tone leather, the integrated infotainment system, the round vents, progressive center console design, etc., all gorgeous.

      This vehicle is shaping up nicely and with some big output expected out of the M177/M178 4.0 liter twin turbo V8 the AMG GT is going to be a very solid all around luxury sports car. Hopefully the next leak is of the finished exterior.

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        It really is. That is a brilliant design.
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        Wooooow i really love the design any idea about the price ? Click here to enlarge
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        damn thats sweet looking. STICKY havent forgotten you
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        Very nice!
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        MB is sure on a roll lately. All their designs are gorgeous IMO. There is no doubt in the mind that they exude luxury and prestige. This is probably the best interior so far, it is beautiful! I hate to lust over cars but God forgive me Click here to enlarge
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        I haven't been this excited for a car in a while. Really can't wait to see it fully unveiled. If any of the renders I've seen of the exterior are correct (and I'm sure some are very close) it should be even better outside. This will be the car to have next year.
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        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by M177 Click here to enlarge
        Wooooow i really love the design any idea about the price ? Click here to enlarge
        Probably $130k and up.