• Renntech tuned M157 2013 E63 AMG versus ETG (ECU Tuning Group) tuned S63TU 2014 F10 M5 roll on

      The war is officially in full swing. The first battles will be fought by tuned cars until the S63TU in the M5/M6 gets a reliable turbocharger upgrade option. Here we have exactly such a battle with an F10 M5 with an ETG tune, AMS catless downpipes, and a catback exhaust claiming 650 horsepower to the wheels versus a Renntech tuned E63 AMG with aftermarket filters claiming 624 horsepower to the wheels.

      The first thing to notice is the M5 jumps a bit and is ahead at the start. The E63 makes up the difference though which is impressive and although this is a fairly short run (not a 1/2 mile) and the cars do not stretch their legs fully it shows tune only versus tune only is going to be close and decided by supporting modifications and the quality of the tune.

      The ETG (ECU Tuning Group) tune does not appear to be providing the F10 M5 650+ whp with bolt ons. ETG does not really provide dyno's as support and their tuning quality is questionable based on their history but an M5 with more power should win especially considering its transmission advantage. The Renntech tune shows very well on the E63 considering it makes up ground versus what is supposed to be the more powerful car.

      This M5 vs E63 battle is getting into full swing and will of course go back and forth for some time to come.

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