• Do not try this in the USA - C63 AMG trolls the Swedish police by initiating a chase and getting away clean

      This is just a work of art. An obvious homage to the classic Getaway in Stockholm in video (if you have never seen the first one, search Google for Getaway in Stockholm) in this video the driver uses a W204 C63 AMG to get away from the cops. The video starts off well with the C63 pulling right in front of a police van (yes, a van) and does a nice smokey burnout to get the cops attention. After that, the police chase is underway with the C63 getting the best of the cops.

      BenzBoost will not spoil all the details for you. Simply watch and admire the cojones in action. Pulling this off in the USA would be basically impossible considering the police would call in helicopters, drones, GPS satellites, Chuck Norris, etc. Kind of makes you wonder what freedom really is.

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      1. Linracing's Avatar
        Linracing -
        That's $#@!ing bad ass!!!! DAMN I WANT A C63 they sound amazing.
      1. johnnyblaze's Avatar
        johnnyblaze -
        That longtube burble and pop doe..... Love it.
      1. onisyndicate's Avatar
        onisyndicate -
        Yes cause in America even if they do get away. The video says they caught you!

      1. inlineS54B32's Avatar
        inlineS54B32 -
        That's awesome! LOL - takes the word troll to a whole new level. Click here to enlarge
      1. Sedan Hussein's Avatar
        Sedan Hussein -
        AWESOME. The sound is eargasmic.
      1. leveraged sellout's Avatar
        leveraged sellout -
        Haha that's awesome. Sounds just like my buddy's C63. Identical. I miss that sound. Can't believe they didn't call more out for him...wonder also if he didn't have a plate on the back, for sure I would think they would just mail him a massive ticket and probably a court summons at that point.
      1. Payam@BMS's Avatar
        Payam@BMS -
        God that c63 sounds like sex. Love it when he lets off the gas, it just burps.
      1. Bozo954's Avatar
        Bozo954 -
        Click here to enlarge See? If Rodney King only had a C63 AMG instead of a raggedy Hyundai, he'da never got his ass whupped. Talk about 'go to jail' speeds. Damn!

        Speaking of which, if I ever DREAM of posting anything implying I have the big brass cajones of that Swede?

        Wake me up violently, smack the shhhh outta me, and make me apologize. I'm a whiney little b!tch compared to that fool.

        That's right. I said it.

        Now, anybody know any real estate agents in Sweden? Holla at ya boy.
      1. rs97's Avatar
        rs97 -
        Man that 6.2 liter sounds nice, I'm surprised the man didn't run out of gas.