• Stock W212 E63 AMG S 4Matic 1/4 mile run - 11.8@119.5

      For those predicting the AMG S models would annihilate the competition this 1/4 mile run may be a bit sobering. A bone stock W212 E63 AMG S which of course has all wheel drive 4Matic as standard hit the PBIR (Palm Beach International Raceway) dragstrip in Florida. The result? An 11.8 @ 119.5 1/4 mile run. That is actually about what it should run considering a stock pre-facelift rear wheel drive E63 AMG on the same drag strip ran 12.0 @ 116.

      The heft of the E63 due to the addition of 4Matic clearly is not helping its trap speed. MotorTrend got a 4511 pound curb weight for the E63 AMG S. When they compared it to the M5 with the Competition Package the M5 showed it is lighter and faster.

      An 11.8 @ 119.5 is fast for a luxury sedan by any stretch but it appears the BMW M5/M6 are both ahead of the Mercedes E63/CLS63 AMG at least when it comes to stock for stock performance. The Audi RS7 also is not giving up anything performance wise.

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        That is saddening. But it is what it is. RS7 looks like the best bang for buck for tunning right now and for straight line performance. I'd be more about straight line with these behemoths instead of tracking it.
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        These cars are definitely more straightline beasts than anything else.
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        Wait till the car is tuned. I am willing to bet that AMG added a ton of torque management to protect the AWD system. I am confident that the E63 4matic will prove to be a beast once tuned. Add boost, fuel, and exhaust and the E63 is going to bruise a lot of egos.
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        Who bumped up your rep?

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        ^- Cliff notes of video

        Something something German, LOL this Mercedes Wagon is faster than this Porsche, German. More German.
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        lmfao @johnnyblaze