• AMG GT renderings based on latest spyphotos - Ugly?

      With the latest round of spyphotos going around showing more details of the upcoming AMG GT sports car design renderings attempting to guess the exterior details of the finished product were sure to follow. The Italians over at Quattroruote decided to give rendering the car a shot and their take is kind of ugly. Mercedes obviously is going with LED elements in their headlights as seen in the new W205 C-Class, S-Class, and CLS-Class facelift headlights.

      It just looks like some C-Class headlights were tossed together with S-Class coupe taillights. The end result is an unattractive car resembling a clown shoe. Let's hope they got it wrong and AMG has something much better looking in store.

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      1. leveraged sellout's Avatar
        leveraged sellout -
        Actually I like that...its not perfect, although given how great MB styling has been lately I'm sure they'll nail it. The general proportions are great...I don't get why "clown shoe" is a negative term...I love cars that look like this. Z4, Z3, Cheetah, Daytona Coupe, numerous old Ferraris, some TVRs, a bunch of "man-in-a-shed" limited production track-day specials, anything ever made by Weissmann, the list goes on. I love it.
      1. SpeedLimit?'s Avatar
        SpeedLimit? -
        ^^^This...given the proportions of the spy pics and the new 4.0TT that will be used I think this car will make the SLS a distant memory, and I like that car too!
      1. Brey335i's Avatar
        Brey335i -
        Actually, I think that's way better looking than the new C class (including the AMG)
      1. andrew20195's Avatar
        andrew20195 -
        Looks like they're trying to save money by using the BRZ/FR-S window and quarter glass. Click here to enlarge

        To be serious, I think there's somthing a bit TVR-ish about it. I think this render makes it look quite good.
      1. boostedmaserati's Avatar
        boostedmaserati -
        Can't lie, I love it!
      1. George Smooth's Avatar
        George Smooth -
        I am on the fence on this one. I am planning on another car soon and my mind is set on getting the GT. The more I see the pictures though the more I think of the 991 Turbo which I like look wise from all angles.
        These renderings make it look like Hulk bashed the front of the car downwards in the center.
      1. Maverick1975's Avatar
        Maverick1975 -
        I think that's a decent rendering based on the spy shots. I prefer the rear to the font of it. I am not a fan of recent headlight design philosophy
      1. DFM's Avatar
        DFM -
        Slr meets sls meets z4m coupe. I love it
      1. boostedmaserati's Avatar
        boostedmaserati -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by DFM Click here to enlarge
        Slr meets sls meets z4m coupe. I love it
        Those were my thoughts I swear