• British bias against the C63 AMG Black Series? Autocar pits it against the Aston Martin V12 Vantage and XKR-S GT

      Autocar is a British publication that naturally employs British reviewers. When two British cars are chosen to go up against a single German is it truly possibly for the British reviewer to remain unbiased? The Jaguar XKR-S GT with its 5.0 liter supercharged 542 horsepower V8 and the Aston Martin V12 Vantage S with its 565 horsepower are both excellent cars but these are the best driver's cars Jaguar and Aston Martin honestly have to offer. AMG has higher performance options as do the other German makes.

      The reality is Jaguar and Aston Martin have been getting beat up by the Germans for what seems like decades now. Aston Martin is even going to AMG for technology as they have fallen so far behind with their now ancient V12. The editors at Autocar do not even acknowledge this fact.

      Ok, so how do the cars stack up around the track? Well, it's difficult to say. The reviewer states he can not put the power down in the Mercedes. He states the track is wet making the Jaguar a handful. The conditions are working against cars with sport rubber. The Pirelli Pzero Corsa tires on the Jaguar for example contribute to its slow laptime considering the tires are a max performance compound designed for use in the dry. What is the point of even taking the cars out in these conditions when the cars can not truly show what they are capable of? They might as well run them during a blizzard and throw a regular Audi A4 into the mix that thanks to Quattro will come out on top.

      The Aston comes out a half second ahead of the C63 Black Series which itself is a few seconds ahead of the Jaguar. Without the cars being able to have full grip the results do not mean much of anything. BenzBoost would be embarrassed to publish such a track comparison and it should be beneath supposed professionals as the results for each car will change significantly in the dry.

      The Aston Martin is picked as the winner and it is said it wins rather easily. Based on a lap in the wet by the British reviewer, really? Even despite the fact the Mercedes C63 Black Series undercuts the Aston's price by almost 20,000 British pounds? The only thing that is easily identifiable here Autocar is what a joke this comparison is. As is calling yourselves, "the world's leading motoring magazine and website."

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        bp95gsx -
        I fully agree. I would have bashed them harder myself. It's like when Topgear tested an XKRS against a GTR on a fully soaked track. What a joke! XKR, XKRS, and the XKR GT have yet to get tested in the dry! Didn't Chris Harris test a GT in the wet as well?
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        Sticky -
        I have no idea WTF the point is of testing these cars in the wet. Wait until it's dry or move to another country.

        They care more about putting out content, any content, than good content.
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        Is there any $#@!ing british car review that doesn't have a wet track or is raining? For $#@!s sakes, its the same $#@! over and over, why can't they wait till it dries up to review cars? is it raining 300+ days a year or something up there? $#@!...
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        why can't they wait till it dries up to review cars?
        I wish I could answer this. They seem to care more about putting any crap out there instead of delivering a quality piece. It happens way too often. Autocar blows, period.