• Weistec Stage 2 supercharged daily driven C63 AMG goes 10.7@130 in the 1/4 mile

      Daily driven 10 second C63 AMG trapping at 130+ in the 1/4 mile? No problem. This C63 AMG is from Long Beach California and was driven up to the Famoso Drag strip. The owner just changed the rear tires and wheels to a drag setup and the result was 10.794 @ 130.23 miles per hour with a very nice 1.612 60 foot. He clearly is hooking up very well and has just about maximized what he can hit with his Stage II 2.3 liter twin screw.

      As a reminder, the Weistec Stage II supercharger consists of the components listed below and is good for an increase of over 144 wheel horsepower over stock. This car also has long tube headers.

      Weistec Stage II M156 supercharger Key Features:

      • 2.3L Twin-Screw Compressor Module Why Twin-Screw?
      • 1000hp Liquid to Air Intercooler Core
      • High Flow Cast Aluminum T6 Hardened Lower Manifold
      • High Flow Cast Aluminum T6 Hardened Throttle Body Inlet Y
      • 45mm Boost Bypass Assembly
      • Billet Aluminum Direct Drive Cradle System
      • Supercharger Serpentine Drive Belt
      • Hard Anodized Billet Aluminum Serpentine Idlers
      • Johnson CM30 30 Liter/Min Intercooler Water Pump
      • Intercooler Water Recovery Tank
      • Cross Flow Heat Exchanger
      • High Flow Fuel Rail System
      • Molded Silicone Couplers
      • Power-Steering Reservoir Relocation Assembly
      • Weistec Engineering Stage 2 Supercharger System ECU Reflash

      Time slip and photos below, density altitude was +291 at the time of the run.

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        charliekay -
        For those interested, I finally got around to running my supercharged C63 to give a comparison with it in N/A form.

        I have a little write up here -