• New M156 supercharger option from Loewenstein Manufaktur - LM63-700 Kompressor

      Never heard of Loewenstein Manufaktur? BenzBoost had not up to this point either. Apparently they have a supercharger system capable of 702 horsepower for AMG M156 motors. Do they back this claim up with a dynograph? No. Do they have any performance figures to show? No. Does that mean this isn't a good system? No. Looking at the pictures below the hardware certainly looks to be well engineered and the system is packaged well under the hood.

      That said, BenzBoost would certainly like more details. The system is based on a Magnunson TVS roots supercharger as stated by Loewenstein. This is the same TVS blower that Eaton makes. BenzBoost would speculate then that this system is using the same Eaton blower as Kleemann. Further speculation would be that this system is very similar to Kleemann's. How similar, who knows at this point.

      Regardless, this is another option on the market. What the pricing is and the actual performance figures are in comparison to the established entities on the market we will hopefully see soon. What is certain is that the M156 segment continues to get more competitive by the day.

      Loewenstein compressor kit:

      - Magnuson Roots positive displacement compressors (positive displacement supercharger)
      - CNC machined billet aluminum intake manifold
      - Integrated intercooler
      - Separate charge air cooling-water circuit with expansion tank
      - Charge air heat exchanger in vehicle front mask
      - Charge air cooling system water pump
      - Cast aluminum throttle intake manifold Y
      - Electronic Performance auxiliary control unit
      - Electronic servo motor for by-pass valve control

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