• 2015 W205/S205 C-Class wagon spotted testing - Will it come to the USA?

      Wagons. The Europeans love them. The Europeans apparently think Americans hate them. There is truth of course to the idea that Americans prefer the SUV and they are seen as too big and thirsty in Europe. This is why European manufacturers are making many of their SUV's in America. That said, there still is a market for wagons and as these spyphotos show the next generation W205 C-Class will be built as a wagon.

      Will it come to the USA though? The reveal is currently set for the Geneva show in Europe meaning the Detroit show will be skipped. That does not bode well for the US market. Additionally, only the E-Class wagon is currently available in the USA meaning all other wagon variants sold in Europe are not sold here.

      A C63 AMG wagon sure would be a lot of fun for the family man (or woman, be cool) who still wants to have fun yet have a vehicle that provides the necessary utility for a family.

      Whether it comes to the USA or not Mercedes fortunately is not forcing some ridiculous abomination on its customers in the USA as BMW is with their GT's. Let's just be happy the E-Class wagon is still available.

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