• New World's Fastest Mercedes-Benz - Weistec Engineering supercharged CLK63 AMG Black Series breaks the Mercedes 1/4 mile record

      Congratulations to Weistec Engineering as well as BenzBoost member jrcart whom this supercharged W209 CLK63 AMG Black Series belongs to. At the ATCO (New Jersey) drag strip the car managed a very fast 9.757@151.95 breaking the previous trap speed record of 144 miles per hour which was also held by Weistec. The record was broken by almost 8 miles per hour showing a healthy horsepower difference.

      The record for quickest Mercedes-Benz still belongs to Renntech as they hit a 9.68 elapsed time. ET in the 1/4 mile is based on the launch, traction, and conditions so a less powerful car can run a quicker ET and a more powerful car can run a slower ET depending on these factors.

      Regardless, there is enough power here for what on paper would work out to high 8 second capability. The Weistec twin screw supercharged M156 V8 appears to be putting out over 1000 wheel horsepower at this time (a dyno graph will come at a later date). No doubt quicker times will come in time but for now we have a new World's Fastest Mercedes-Benz. Congratulations to all involved, enjoy the video below.

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        oldgixxer -
        Seems Weistec has no issues making big power,the real challenge is putting it down and making it hook. Im sure that car is making a $#@!load of torque,instantly,and that's probably not helping the 60' or 330'. This car would flat out kick ass at a rolling half mile. And standing mile as well.
        Well,except for those pesky UGR Lambos as they are in a league of their own and pretty much own any roll-on event.

        Jim,if you are too busy to make all these events just send me the keysClick here to enlarge
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        JRCART -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by Sticky Click here to enlarge
        I'm not sure what the weight of the car is but just doing some paper calculations. Note these are not an exact science but simply somewhere in the ballpark.

        HP is probably around ~1090 if the weight is around 3800 pounds.

        Also, this mile per hour is good for an 8.9 but it will take a hell of a launch. I mean we all see 8 second capability here but realistically it will likely take more power with this suspension setup or more suspension/weight work. It's a realistic goal though.
        We weighed the car at Atco, it was 3850 with driver, whp is 1012, tq is 1000 even
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        Sticky -
        I went with a 3800 guess, so close enough for paper numbers.