• The 2015 C-Class spotted in public undisguised, W205 pictures

      Mercedes-Benz has yet to reveal the next generation C-Class themselves as the public reveal is scheduled for January at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Mercedes has so far only officially revealed the interior of the new car. Well, wonder no more about the exterior as the W205 C-Class was spotted undisguised on public streets looking very sporty and elegant with the AMG inspired body work.

      The car looks like a blend between the new S-Class and the facelifted W212 E-Class. The rear clearly taking inspiration from the W222 S-Class while the front headlights are inspired by the E-Class. Definitely a blend between the two but the end result is an upscale C-Class that just seems to ooze more luxury sophistication than its rivals.

      The car also looks quite big clearly showing that there was room in the lineup for the CLA to slot in below the C. Expect official photos to come from Mercedes-Benz shortly with these photos now out.

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      1. TT C6's Avatar
        TT C6 -
        Car looks GREAT.
        Thank you for posting.
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        I'm somewhat surprised the taillights are so similar to the S.
      1. MSIZZLE's Avatar
        MSIZZLE -
        that is nice
      1. Drunkenup's Avatar
        Drunkenup -
        liking the new sport body kits.. hopefully it'll have the power to match the S4 and 335
      1. BlackJetE90OC's Avatar
        BlackJetE90OC -
        I believe there is a rumour of a V6 twin turbo.
      1. bogdan_mb's Avatar
        bogdan_mb -
        the v6 TT is already in the E-class coupe which shares the chassis. The only problem is a faster gearbox
      1. bigdnno98's Avatar
        bigdnno98 -
        yup can't wait to see a C400!
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        C400 is coming.
      1. leo985i's Avatar
        leo985i -
        This looks so much better than the new 3.
      1. 135idct's Avatar
        135idct -
        mini S class
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        Click here to enlarge Originally Posted by 135idct Click here to enlarge
        mini S class
        Yep exactly.
      1. Nugs's Avatar
        Nugs -
        IMO the front looks good and the rest just looks like it's melting. Same as a lot of the new Mercedes.
      1. bobS's Avatar
        bobS -
        Ugh I don't like it... Lost the rear fender flares and looks to much like the other mercs in the line up. The design team got lazy, made every car in the line up look the same! This car doesn't scream sports sedan, it screams soccer mom/grandma IMO
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        Wait until you see the amg or the coupe. This thing is sick.
      1. Bozo954's Avatar
        Bozo954 -
        I'm diggin it.............Click here to enlargegood job, MB. On the other hand, as commented previously, kinda looks like what it's supposed to, especially thinking back to the last two W203/W204 generations.

        I suspect, by design, the entry-level RWD is designed to mostly mimic the flagship - the S. So, needless to say (depending on angle), my first though was "clearly the Baby S-Class."

        But the E-Class similarities are nice as well.

        Decisions, decisions.

        As we know we can trust Sticky to have the inside scoop, will the next vehicle be a 4-Series Coupe or a C-Class Coupe? Make mine black on black with AWD - maybe in M or AMG be murdered-out shortly thereafter.

        Or maybe an RS5? Hmmm.Click here to enlarge Dammit!! Hate all these great choices!! (Right, right......get over yourself. I know.)
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        Mercedes is apparently bringing back the CLK so we may not see a C-coupe again:
      1. Bozo954's Avatar
        Bozo954 -
        MmHmmmm.........okay. We'll jsut let Benz figure out their alphabet marketing strategy Click here to enlarge, and meanwhile I'll keep the cash handy for any of the three - C, CLK, or E Coupe, all of which are or were quite nice.

        Like my alleged 6.3 with the 6.2 litre monster; my daily complaint as lay down the hammer. Click here to enlarge