• Introducing the Prior-Design Mercedes-Benz C218 CLS-Class PD550 Black Edition widebody kit

      Another nice widebody kit from Prior-Design. What you here her is the new PD550 Black Edition widebody kit which gives the C218 generation CLS a very aggressive widebody look. As the CLS-Class does not have a factory AMG Black Series model (it would not make too much sense to begin with) Prior-Design is filling a niche regarding a Black Series look for the CLS-Class. The kit is most definitely not for those who want to keep their car conservative.

      What is included in the kit? A new front bumper, side skirts, rear bumper, front fenders, rear trunk spoiler, and a front bonnet add-on. These parts will fit all the CLS models including the CLS63 AMG.

      How does it look? That is for you to decide but BenzBoost appreciates how much more aggressive the car becomes with this body kit. Pictures below:

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      1. Maverick1975's Avatar
        Maverick1975 -
        I think that is a pretty good looking kit. Prior are really doing good things with their Merc bodykits these days
      1. Sticky's Avatar
        Sticky -
        I do really like Prior Design's stuff. They're up there that's for sure.
      1. Puerto Rican 335d's Avatar
        Puerto Rican 335d -
        uff!! sweet!!
      1. Bozo954's Avatar
        Bozo954 -
        Oh, hell yeah! Prior Design ain't no joke.

        Not only is this kit - and the rest of their product line, for that matter - absolutely frickin' devilishClick here to enlarge, it appears that they clearly develop body kits like the psychos at AMG have traditionally tuned their 'too much power is never enough' powerplants. With the kind of mental issues we car nuts wish more automotive techs & engineers had.

        And thank you, Good Lord.
      1. max@'s Avatar
        max@ -
        good looking kit for the money prior is a good company!