• Do not hold your breath for a C197 SLS AMG successor, new SLS 'maybe' by 2020 - SLS AMG to be future collector car?

      Once production for the current C197 SLS AMG ends the model is not expected to get a replacement right away. The car is hardly long in the tooth with the SLS AMG Black Series model having just been released this year and the base SLS AMG model receiving an update to GT status with a bump to 583 horsepower. So why no replacement any time soon for what is currently the highest performance and most expensive model in the Mercedes lineup?

      Several reasons. First of all, the SLS was designed to pay homage to the original 1950's 300SL Gullwing. An iconic model that any Mercedes-Benz fan is well aware of. AMG CEO Ola Kallenius puts it quite well, We probably wont do a Volkswagen Golf 5, 6, 7 with the SLS because of the unique gullwing doors and so on and so forth. Its not something you just do one after the after. I am not suggesting we should wait 55 years to do the next gullwing car, but certainly not straight after the one we have done now. That needs to sit in automotive history as its own chapter.

      BenzBoost likes that Mercedes will not diminish the value and importance of the model by immediately replacing it. This should have a positive impact on the value of the SLS on the secondhand market. Furthermore, it shows just how much Mercedes and AMG are valuing the brand as well as their own model history. They are not just whoring Gullwing doors out as much as they can for as many dollars as they can. That is rare in this day and age where profit seems to rule. Much respect to AMG and Mercedes on this decision.

      Kallenius went on further to state, "The SLS was in the last 10 years maybe the most important decision we made as a performance car company, because it took the whole organisation and the brand in my view to yet another level. That was the car we really had the opportunity to start with a white sheet of paper and really do an out-and-out AMG. It has been immensely successful -- successful beyond what we had thought in the beginning. If you look on a life-to-date basis that segment for the last 10-20 years has been dominated by a car perhaps with a red colour and in terms of sales we have been a close second in that segment, the 200,000 Euro roughly entry point supersport segment."

      Expect the upcoming AMG GT to fill the high performance AMG sports car void once the SLS is out of production.


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