• The M133 (A45,CLA45,GLA45) AMG motor is underrated - First dyno of an A45 AMG shows 340 horsepower to all four wheels

      Mercedes-Benz was not kidding around when they said their new 2.0 liter M133 motor was the most powerful production four cylinder in the world. Obviously the motor was going to be powerful thanks to its 26 psi of boost stock which Mercedes states is good for 360 horsepower at the crank. Renntech was able to get their hands on an A45 AMG to get a head start on modifications as the CLA45 AMG with the same M133 motor will be coming to the USA. So what did they find out?

      That this is a hell of a stock motor. Renntech dyno'd the A45 AMG at 340.6 to all four wheels. This is on a all wheel drive SuperFlow dyno which corrected the wheel readout to 389.5 crank horsepower or let's just call it an even 390. For an all wheel drive dual clutch car to exceed its quoted output is very impressive and shows the nature of the horsepower war going on right now which is about delivering more than quoted output. Speak softly and carry a big stick if you will.

      For those not familiar with the SuperFlow dyno it is inertia based like a Dynojet but it has an internal eddy current based braking system. Depending on what mode is used, say pure inertia with no braking, it tends to read a little bit higher than the Dynojet. That is likely what mode was used here as it would be unlikely for this motor to put out even more power on a Dynojet as this is already huge output. Expect ~10% less so roughly in the 31X all wheel horsepower range on a Dynojet which correlates well with the internally calculated 389.5 crank horsepower figure. That's 24 horses less than BMW E92 M3 V8 level of power.... from a 2.0 liter four cylinder no less that is sending power to all four wheels.

      The question now is how much is left in the motor for tuners? Mercedes pushed this one pretty far for a stock motor and that's impressive. This is going to be a fun motor. Huge thank you to Renntech for the dyno!

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        has Renntech made any tuning progress on this yet?
        I think they're just getting going.
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        The CLA45 AMG is $49,000 in the US (base model of course)

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        Looks like it will be a fun tuner toy. I'd buy one but not at $60-70k
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        The CLA45 is pretty stout.
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        Chris Harris does a nice job on comparing to M135i

        The M135i doesn't give up much to it - seems like if the M135i was awd it would be dead even! I would like to see a same dyno same day compare of the power of the 2 cars!
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        I didn't want to start another thread but Renntech published some info about their tune :

        Here another one :

        "0-100 kph in 4.0 seconds with race start (stock 4.6 with race start)
        0-200 kph in 13.8 seconds with race start (stock 17.6 with race start)"

        Really impressive.