• Renntech Tuned W204 C63 Black Series takes on an F430, F10 M5, Cadillac CTS-V, E63 M6, and a W204 C63 AMG sedan

      Nice set of runs here showing a W204 C63 AMG Black Series with a Renntech tune and Renntech headers going up against a Ferrari F430, Cadillac CTS-V Coupe, BMW E63 M6, BMW F10 M5, and a W204 C63 AMG sedan. The C63 Black Series does incredibly well considering that there is not too much power to squeeze out of the aggressively tuned black series as Renntech showed with 15-19 wheel horsepower gains tunes only. The headers sure do appear to be making a nice difference.

      This was only a 1/4 mile runway event so very short for roll on races and the C63 Black Series owner appears to get on the throttle early in a few of the races. Come to your own conclusion.

      Easy work of a CTS-V coupe:

      F430 gets annihilated as the C63 owner appeared to just go WOT the whole time while the F430 owner rolled into it:

      Yet another F10 M5 taken down by a C63 AMG:

      E63 M6 destroyed:

      C63 AMG sedan taking the C63 Black Series Coupe down:

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        That BS sounds amazing!!!
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        Ha. I know that flag girl...
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        Ha. I know that flag girl...
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        I'd like to meet the flag girl...
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        I'd like to meet the flag girl...
        +1 would go to these roll races