• Watch a stock 2012 C63 AMG and a mildly modified Cadillac CTS-V coupe go at it from a stop and a roll

      Nice comparison here between a W204 C63 AMG and a Cadillac CTS-V Coupe. Both cars have the same sized motor with the C63 having a 6.2 liter M156 V8 and the Cadillac CTS-V coupe with a 6.2 liter LSA V8. The difference being that the LSA V8 has a supercharger in addition to the displacement while the C63 is naturally aspirated or "all motor." From a roll, the CTS-V simply shows its power advantage and pulls away up top.

      The race from a stop has a different outcome simply because the C63 seemed to get a huge jump and catch the Cadillac owner sleeping. Even with the power advantage the CTS-V simply could not reel the C63 in.

      The C63 does well for being stock but since it is not a P31 car it really needs a tune to make this a closer race. The CTS-V already has exhaust modifications including an x-pipe and rear section but really needs a tune and pulley to unleash the power of that supercharged V8. Great runs, video below.

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        That same CTS-V raced a supercharged C63 belonging to @Sirex63. It was beaten badlyClick here to enlarge
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        My brother just picked up a 10 CTSV, nice ride. Doesn't match my S600 interior wise, but then again, it is a different ride. His is stock, so it is just a tad slower then my ride. Nice ride for the money. By the way, he bought his off a Pittsburgh Piratte player that only had 14K miles for about 42K. Sweet deal , IMHO.
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        i was looking at a few online yesterday.. not a bad deal. need to call weistec to get some info