• Car and Driver 2013 C197 SLS AMG GT review and test including curb weight - Plus drag race with R231 SL65 AMG

      Here is a review of the updated SLS for 2013 which is now known as the SLS GT. The updated SLS gets a horsepower bump to 583 horsepower along with a revised suspension and transmission programming. These changes are good enough for a 5 second improvement around the Nurburgring bringing the laptime down to a very impressive 7:30. The car seems to be significantly lighter as well somehow as Car and Driver states the curb weight is 3,573 pounds.

      That seems incredibly light compared to previous SLS AMG tests. Car and driver weighed the 2011 model at 3792 pounds. So they are telling us the 2013 SLS GT is 219 pounds lighter? The SLS AMG Black Series is stated as being only 150 pound lighter than the standard SLS so something does not add up here. It seems Car and Driver did not actually weight the car but likely went with a stated Mercedes figure or else how does one explain this glaring disparity? Insideline tested the 2013 SLS AMG Roadster and the SLS AMG GT roadster for 2013 and the 2013 car ended up heavier. You figure it out.

      Car and Driver curb weight testing concerns aside they show a drag race between the SLS AMG GT versus the new R231 SL65 AMG. Now, the SLS wins this drag race impressively but the SL65 is raced with its top down for some reason. Why? That just creates more drag. The SL65 is much heavier at about 4300 pounds so the difference between the two is likely in the 600 pound range. Car and Driver states the difference is 700 pounds between the two. Whether it is 600 or 700 pounds the SL65 AMG is simply much heavier.

      For a supposed Car and Driver "test" no actual real test data other than the suspect weight figure is provided. No acceleration figures, no skidpad numbers, no laptimes, nothing really. It's nice to have subjective opinions and all but this is yet another weak Car and Driver "test" and it's pretty absurd to call it a test without supporting test data. If it wasn't for the drag race with the SL65 AMG this video would basically be a waste of time.

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