• New tune only M157 1/4 mile record set by Renntech tuned 2012 E63 AMG at Palm Beach Internationl Raceway (PBIR) - 11.09@129

      Wow, simply wow. If you were not convinced the M157 is a beast you should be now. How about just a hair short of 10's in 700+ density altitude in Florida at Palm Beach International Raceway with a Renntech tune only car on street tires? Yes, on street tires. That is absolutely mind blowing and what is even more incredibly is this was done in positive density altitude. With drag radials and negative density altitude running 10's tune only in an E63 AMG is a real possibility.

      Congratulations to Renntech for the new record, much respect:

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        I can't wait til your car comes back out...I feel like BMW needs some heavy hitters out there and its been quiet on the tuning side for the M5/6
        The M157 came out first so it's going to be a little while for the S63TU.