• 2013 Ford Mustang GT500 versus W2014 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupe 1000 meter drag race

      Ford really upped the game with the 2013 Mustange GT500. Displacement of the V8 was increased to 5.8 liters and with some new tuning and more boost the car now puts out 662 horsepower in stock form. That is simply a hell of a lot of power from a factory car. The C63 AMG is severely outgunned in this matchup on paper rated at only 451 horsepower. That is 211 less horsepower for the German muscle car.

      EVO magazine decided to pit these two V8 powered and rear wheel drive coupes against each other in a 1000 meter drag race or 1 kilometer. The Mustang beats the C63 fairly easily, as it should, but the C63 hangs in well. 22.80@148.62 through the kilometer for the C63 AMG versus 21.65@155.82 for the Mustang. This disparity would be greater if EVO launched the Mustang better.

      It would have been nice to see EVO use a P31 optionally equipped C63 AMG which has more power or a Black Series to show a more aggressively tuned M156 V8 based C-Class AMG in action versus the GT500. Regardless, considering the huge power disparity on paper and no force induction on the AMG, the C63 fared well.

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        662hp, that's a pretty ridiculous amount of power. Good job Ford for giving the Germans something to compete with on the autobahn. Now if only the Americans could compete with German build quality and comfort while on the autobahn...