• Tuned (OE Tuning) W204 C63 AMG versus Lexus IS-F with full exhaust from a roll

      The C63 AMG really wakes up with a tune, this is well known. Just check out how well this tune only C63 AMG does versus an IS-F with a full exhaust. The C63 in stock form is already faster than the IS-F. So, no surprise one sporting a tune wins. What this illustrates though is the power disparity between the two that even though the IS-F gets a bit of a jump the C63 reels it in and passes it quickly and easily.

      The IS-F in the video needs some more mods before trying again. Or maybe he should stop trying to pick on 63 AMG's entirely.

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        Good job.. I cant stand isf's...
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        JonsC63AMG -
        Actually I test drove the ISF before the C63. But when I started up the C63 and the gains from just a tune I was sold.
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        ok. I'm not doubtin the c63, I'm just trying to figure out this ISF because I've seen more than a couple at the track with full exhaust and then some struggling to run consistent high 12s
        Agreed. I don't see an IS-F getting 6-7mph from an exhaust. I've ran one before and I pulled it about as hard as the OP did, and no WAY am I trapping anywhere near 119 lol