• Velos Designwerks stock and tuned W204 C63 Black Series dynojet dyno results - 462 wheel horsepower

      Velos Designwerks continues to impress with their various tunes. Their BMW N63 tunes are opening eyes all over and now they are tackling the naturally aspirated Mercedes 63 AMG M156 platforms as well releasing tunes and a handheld flash at home solution. This C63 Black Series put down 422 wheel horsepower completely stock in STD correction. After the tune, 462 wheel horsepower STD for a gain of 40 horses at the wheels on the fairly high strung C63.

      Compared to a standard C63 AMG on the same dyno the C63 Black Series puts out 60 more horses to the wheels. With a tune, the difference is 20 wheel horsepower favoring the Black Series. The reason why the Black Series will gain a bit more stock for stock is it has stronger internals from the Mercedes SLS and a revised exhaust system. A P31 optioned C63 with exhaust should be able to approach relatively similar numbers as the Black Series. Definitely nice to see how aggressive the Black Series motor is even in stock form compared to the standard C63.

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